15 November 2020 New Mob City Range

New Mob City Range

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter. I’m kind of new to this so am on a bit of a learning curve at the moment so will start with something simple- our new 28mm Mob City/Pulp Fiction range. The first batches will be based on Chicago buildings from the first half of the 20th Century.

Firs up, the Chicago Hotel block

Next we have the Billiard Hall block.

The warehouse and pair of shops complete this weeks releases and are shown here with the 2 tall blocks-

This range will be sold as unpainted kits supplied with full step by step instructions

These can be found here-28mm BuildingsOn the Drawing Board-More 28mm Mob City/Pulp Fiction-Drawing stage28mm Roman Fort-Drawings transferred to laser softare files, ready for prototyping.28mm Castles range- Keep, flying walkways and stone walkways-Prototyping complete.28mm Dark Ages- 2 models, drawings transferred to laser softare files, 1 model,drawings complete.28mm Japanese range-At design stage with castles and forts designer.Ready made scenery any scale- Buttes and Mesas-80 due for completion by 18th October.More to come later this week.Mick
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