15mm Flames of War Soviet ‘Red Banner’ book


Red Banner allows you to field the re-organised tank corps that started appearing in the Battle of Stalingrad and made up the bulk of the counterattack troops in the Battle of Kursk and lead the advance to the Dnieper River in the Autumn and Winter of 1943. Between Red Banner and Enemy at the Gates you can field almost any Soviet force that fought in late 1942 and 1943. The older style tank formations from Enemy at the Gates supported the riflemen right through the Kursk battles and beyond, while the newer formations of Red Banner formed the spearhead of the offensives. You can mix and match the two books to create almost any historical force.

The Command Cards give you even more options, including dug-in T-34 tanks and anti-tank firepoints to protect your infantry’s anti-tank guns as they hold the line at Kursk, Guards, and Guards Airborne Rifle Battalions to give you highly-motivated counterattack forces, and experimental T-34/57 tanks with long-barrelled 57mm anti-tank guns.

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