28mm Spanish/Italian town (Sets A and B)


Set of 10 28mm painted or unpainted kit. When completed the models have removeable roofs and floors. We recommend a quick drybrush of the prepainted versions to tie everything together.

1 x Villa

1x Farm

1 x Taverna

1 x Church

1 x 3 Storey house

1 x 2 Storey house

1 x 2 Storey house with balcony

1 x 3 Storey large house

1 x Tower

1 x Arched house

NOTE- The wall around the church and other scenery (Last Valley trees and hedges) is not included and was scratch built.

Materials used – 2mm and 4mm MDF, Plastic and mountboard. We recommend a good quality PVA glue for constructing these kits. Roofs are best secured by using PVA and adding drops of superglue. This dries very quickly and will not come off without damaging the roof so accuracy is advised!!

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Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions30 × 26 × 16 cm

Sandstone, Unpainted


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