28mm Tombstone set


This set includes-

1 Birdcage theater

1 Flys Boarding house and photo gallery

1 Papagos cash store

1 Harwood house

1 Bauers meat market

1 OK Corral sign, unpainted except on ready made painted version

10 sections of plain wood boardwalks

3 sections of tall plain wood fencing.



Materials used – 2mm and 4mm MDF. We recommend a good quality PVA glue for constructing these kits.

28mm painted or unpainted kits or pre built models ready for the table available painted or unpainted. When completed the models have a removeable roofs. We recommend a quick drybrush of the prepainted versions to tie everything together.

Additional information

Weight.4 kg
Dimensions24 × 15 × 6 cm

Painted, Unpainted


Kit, Ready made


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