28mm Western/Crusader castle modular kit


28mm unpainted kit. Options include a small starter castle and all separate gates, towers wall sections and steps.

Full instructions included.

Designed by Mick Nichol


These kits represent Western and Crusader style castles. The keep should generally  be used for western castles rather than Crusader ones. The modular design allows you to build a castle of any size from small square shapes to much larger multi turreted versions.

These were all researched and designed by Mick Nichol of the Border Reivers Wargames Society.



Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 10 cm

Small castle, Gatehouse, Inline tower, Corner tower, Small tower, Long wall section, Short wall section, Stairs with storeroom or Gaol, Keep, Ruined wall section


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