2mm MDF or Mountboard Bases, Depth 35mm


Premium Laser cut bases made to order from 2mm Laser grade MDF or 1mm Mountboard. Custom sizes also available, please contact us for details. Mountboard bases would be suitable for plastic figures, single base figures or smaller scale metal figures providing a lower profile than 2mm MDF.

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Additional information

Weight.160 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 2.5 cm

15mm x 35mm (pack of 28), 20mm x 35mm (pack of 24), 25mm x 35mm(pack of 22), 30mm x 35mm (pack of 20), 35mm x 35mm (pack of 18), 40mm x 35mm (pack of 18), 45mm x 35mm (pack of 16), 50mm x 35mm (pack of 16), 55mm x 35mm (pack of 15), 60mm x 35mm (pack of 15), 65mm x 35mm (pack of 14), 70mm x 35mm (pack of 14), 75mm x 35mm (pack of 12), 80mm x 35mm (pack of 12), 85mm x 35mm (pack of 12), 90mm x 35mm (pack of 10), 100mm x 35mm (pack of 10), 110mm x 35mm (pack of 8), 120mm x 35mm (pack of 8)

Base type

2mm MDF, 1mm Mountboard


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