Rise of Rome


Rise of Rome

Welcome to Rise of Rome. This the hard cover, 350 pages thick volume I of Angelo Todaro’s Rise of Rome, published for the first time in English.

Through the pages of this imaginary interview, Horace, renowned poet and Historian of the times of Cesar Augustus, relates to us the tale of Rome’s incredible rise as the hegemonic power of the Mediterranean.

Legend and chronicle, myth and history, intertwine in the words of this wise, smiling and patient poet of simple tastes. And through his “conversation” with our author, Angelo, we are immersed in the daily life and customs of ancient Rome, understanding not just what happened, but why, and how it was perceived and assimilated at the time.

To Angelo’s gripping prose, Rise of Rome adds his beautiful drawings, depicting in full color both the major events that forged the ancient world and everyday scenes that transport us to the time in which the story is told.

So join us in this exhilarating trip that starts with the birth of Rome , Taranto and Magna Graecia and plunges deep into the great wars with the mercenary king Pyrrhus and Hannibal of Carthage on its way to the Rise of Rome!

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