15mm and 28mm Ancients to WW2 Miniatures

Metal and pastic figure sets from Perry, Battlefront and Warlord Games. More sets will be added throughout the year.

15mm European and Timber Frame range

These buildings can be used alongside our Normandy range.

15mm Russian rural buildings

15mm Russian rural buildings available as painted or unpainted ready made buildings or kits. Models come with removable roofs. Some pictures show Flames of War figures for scale only. Flames of War figures are available in their own category.

20mm North American wars

This range features models suitable for wars such as the AWI, French and Indian wars ACW, the Old West and Mexican Ammerican Wars. We will be adding to the range regularly.

28mm Castles, Forts and fortifications

This range will cover various types of fortifications from modular castles to forts and fortifications and also caravansary. We will also include siege equipment in this category. All of the castles and Caravansary in this range were designed by Mick Nichol, a fellow member of the Border Reivers Wargame Society. The drawings he supplied were top quality and we have plenty of ideas still to come so watch this space.  

28mm Crimean War

Plastic and metal 28mm  figures by Warlord Games. Fought between Russia and an alliance of Britain, France and the Ottoman Empire, the war is famous for the Battle of Balaclava, Florence Nightingale and the Charge of the Light Brigade.

28mm Dark Ages

Painted and unpainted models representing buildings in use throughout the period known as the Dark Ages. Individual buildings and sets will be available.

28mm Japanese range

11th Century to 17th Century range of Japanese buildings and fortifications

28mm Mob City buildings

A range of 28mm buildings for North American gangster or Pulp games. These come unpainted due to the amount of exposed cut lines and multi floor buildings will have removeable floors and and roofs. Supplied in kit form with full assembly instructions.

28mm Plastic Colonial figures

28mm Hard plastic figures requir assembly and painting.

28mm Plastic Napoleonic figures

28mm hard plastic figures. Require assembly and painting.

28mm Ruined buildings

28mm Ruined buildings suitable for many different periods including historical, Fantasy and Science Fiction.

28mm Russian buildings

28mm Russian/Eastern front ready made buildings and kits, painted and unpainted.

2mm Laser cut MDF Bases

Precision cut MDF bases cut to order.

Campaign maps

A series of maps suitable for use as campaign maps in wargames campaigns. The map boards can be set aside with all pins remaining in situ which makes them ideally suited for transportation.

Cruel Seas

Cruel Seas 1/300 scale ww2 Naval Wargaming


Unpainted and prepainted fences.

Gaming aids

Status markers, tokens and other gaming aids.

Painted figures and terrain

This section is reserved for custom ready made models and painted figures. The models shown will be the ones for sale, they are not painted to order so what you see is what you get.

Perry Miniatures

28mm hard plastic figures. Require assembly and painting.


Books and digital downloads.

The Scratchbuilders yard

We aim to provide those items that are a bit more difficul to scratchbuild for your modelling projects, like windows, as well as some of the more simple things like door frames. We will also add plasticard products to this section starting off with some tile sheets. This section will have regular additions but if there is anything you need which is not yet available let us know and we will see what we can do.